Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hello Song, Nursery Rhyme

Hello everyone~
Ooop! I've already said what I wanted to say today. ;-)
Yes. It's "Hello"
Thes are hello words in different languages.
There are so many languages in  the world. @.@
We meet someone that we know almost everyday.
When you go to pre-school, you meet friends
At that time, you say "Hello"
When you meet your teacher in the pre-school, you say "Hello"
And when you meet your friends in the playground, you say "Hello" too.
Yes. Hello is the first word when we meet someone.
And at the end of your gathering, you say "Goodbye"
When you go back home, you say to your friends and teacher "Goodbye"
Yes. We say it at the END of the gathering,
But DON'T be sad.
It means a promise that I'll see you again too. ;-)
OK~ Let's sing together~~

Free Nursery Rhyme 
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