Monday, June 24, 2013

Go away, Nursery Rhyme

Do you believe that monster exists?
Believe or not, monster storyies are interesting, aren't they?
There are so many green monsters in cartoons and motion pictures.
Let's check it out.
First, this is Shirek.
A big dummy monster, but he is good and kind.
I remember a donkey was soooo~ cute in the motion picture.
Second, here is Hulk.
He's just a human-being but when he got angry, he turns green.
And he destroy all that he could see too.
If there is someone like him around you, DON'T make him angry. ;-)
Third, one eyed monster in motion picture called Monster INC.
Someone says he looks scary.
But if you watched the movie "Monster inc." you probably feel he is cute.
His voice is cute, and moving is cute too.
Fortunately, most of them are good and kind monsters.
But sometimes when we fall asleep, we might see a bad green monster in our dreams.
Like this...
If you are a brave one, when you face them in your dream, you have to shout "Go away!".
I'm sure they will disappear.
Let's do a practice with a song below. Click it~

Free Nursery Rhyme 
Also You can download KizCastle Shouting English on

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